New Nintendo 3DS XL (2014)

Update: Introducing the New Nintendo 3DS XL – AKA the definitive Nintendo DS console. With the regular-sized 3DS now discontinued, and the Nintendo Switch costing twice the price, the New Nintendo 3DS XL delivers the pinnacle of the series’ 3D graphics, innovative controls, and sheer enjoyability in a steadily-improved design. The New Nintendo 2DS XL comes in cheaper, but otherwise this is the device you want. 

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Below is our original review from 2014 – but trust us, it all still stands.

Nintendo delivered two surprises back in August: one, that it planned to release a new iteration of the market leading Nintendo 3DS handheld by the end of the year, and two, that it would release in Australia before Europe and North America.

The first is surprising because no one expected it. A 3DS with a more powerful CPU and better 3D support isn’t something the masses have been baying for.

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The second is surprising because traditionally, Australia is usually among the last major regions to receive hardware releases.

Nintendo 3DS XL (2014) review

Releasing a new 3DS is a typically opaque business decision for Nintendo: the 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS models all have a substantial user base and all operate the same software.

The New Nintendo 3DS line up seems to commit the same messaging error as the Wii U: casual customers may be confused by the subtle rebrand, or not realise it’s a new product at all. While previous 3DS iterations have served only to expand Nintendo’s audience, this one threatens to divide and confuse it.


Additionally, the New Nintendo 3DS range exhibits no substantial leap over its predecessors – none that can be discerned with the naked eye, at least.

Whether Nintendo’s audience is prepared to pay for a system which seems to offer as much evolution as a smartphone generation is yet to be seen.

Nintendo 3DS XL (2014) review

Cosmetically the New Nintendo 3DS XL does not alter the series’ core design. The laptop-aping dual screen setup is intact, though the screens are marginally larger than those on the vanilla 3DS XL.

The biggest change is the addition of a second analog stick on the right hand side of the console: a small nub absent on earlier devices unless you owned the CirclePad Pro peripheral.